Services for the client

• Personal selection of each property based on quality, always of medium to high standard.
• Assistance and advice at every step of the rental process.
• Meet & greet: a person responsible for taking care of the house will welcome you, show you how things work and give you details of anything you need to know immediately.
• Our assistance in Italy and concierge: guaranteed telephone assistance of an English speaker throughout your stay.
• Information book: this is a guide containing information about the house in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and guidance on the best local places and markets to visit and restaurants to try.
• In most of our villas we can arrange for additional cleaning and cooking services on request.

Services for the owner

• Advice on the rental market.
• Photographic service and description of properties in two languages.
• Advice on all requirements for the rental market.
• Advertising and promotion on our web site and on other rental websites.
• Marketing at specialist exhibitions and publications in our annual brochure.
• Promotion by international tour operators.
• Warranty of professional competence and fairness.
• Assistance of an English speaker throughout the customer’s stay, facilitating communication between customers and owners.